media detox

Each time I set new boundaries, I come away feeling inspired & oh so creative... & always seem to get the things that I've been putting off, done.  I guess killing distractions seems an obvious method to become more productive, but what about addressing subtle yet pervasive addictions?

We tend to think of addiction as something that others suffer from, & become somewhat oblivious to how detrimental our automatic behaviours are for our health, as excessive consumption is normalised & socially venerated.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you took a break from consuming?  Bad food, alcohol, social media, etc?  As lock-downs become more frequent throughout Australia & social isolation is normalised, we become reliant & hyper-focussed on our tech in order to stay entertained & connected with our loves ones.  Technology that is fraught with dichotomies; as it connects & divides us, consoles & terrifies, brings us clarity & deludes us, manifests success & magnifies failure, projects our conscience, reflects our emotions, deflects our purpose... & just like that, we are enamoured with & inseparable from our socially fabricated mirage... & as we consume mountains of content, our devices consume our time & waste our souls...

It is strange being conscious in a time where split personalities are developed in high definition, our disempowerment celebrated, & our fundamental notions of what it means to be an autonomous human being are corroded by social delusions glorified within an unconscious culture.  I don't mean to come across as so abrupt or dispirited with this post, it's just how I articulate things sometimes... & right now, it's paramount that we set intentions for how we interact with our devices.  I'm sure we've all noticed lately how tense things have become online as social division bleeds into even the most benign interactions.  Regardless of your beliefs, now is the time to fortify your mental & physical wellbeing with healthy habit forming while we are house-bound & navigating unprecedented forms of social restructuring.

As we detox our bodies, we must do the same for our minds. There are no mainstream ways to protect ourselves from psychic & psychological manipulation unless we are abundantly aware that it is occurring.  As we're engrossed in the socio-economic tides that consume our waking hours, we never really pause to take stock of the complexity of existing. It takes long term commitment & short term sacrifices in certain areas (cue death to social life) to maintain true clarity & wellbeing, not to mention a tonne of unlearning combined with a tonne of cooking, which is my favourite part 💓

I've recently implemented simple yet effective methods to reduce overstimulation from technology & I'm already feeling mentally lighter.  Ok, there are exceptions... I'm so down for a binge couch potato session with Darren from Animal Kingdom (I know I'm not his type, but I can fantasise), but we need to be ruthless in identifying that which does not contribute to our wellbeing, especially when it comes to media consumption, & make adjustments where necessary.

Simple changes that have helped me lately:

  • Setting boundaries & time limits with tech.  Just like my mum used to limit my time on our home computer, we need to do the same.  If you work from home, set a time that you stop work & disconnect your computer & phone completely by powering down or leaving it in your office & shutting the door.

  • Unfollow toxic pages.  Comparisons, information overloads, negative people, anything that makes you feel deflated after viewing needs to go.  Don't be precious; unfollow, block, delete.

  • Deleting social media apps from your phone during the day.  I like to remove instagram and facebook off my phone while I work, & then if I feel like checking it at the end of the day I'll set a time limit.  Sometimes I just don't bother, as the time it takes to download the app allows for a minute of clarity that reminds me why I don't need it.

  • Turning wifi off all devices.  In particular, I turn my phone on aeroplane mode when not in use at the end of the day, especially when getting into bed.  Or just turn it off completely.  I also use an EMF blocker case that stops my phone from constantly searching for wifi signals, which has been scientifically proven to be damaging to our physiology at a cellular level.

  • Having periodical breaks from social media & TV that last either days or weeks with a reward at the end.  I find that true presence, nature walks & time spent on hobbies to be enough of a reward for the constraint.

  • Telling friends to contact you via txt or phone call.  We are so heavily reliant on keeping in touch with people through messenger apps.  Go back to basics, or switch up how you connect eg voice notes or video calls to feel better connected without constantly being connected.

  • Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies.  I have so many.  They keep me sane & in touch with reality.  Using our hands to garden, macrame, cook, read, create art, pottery - there are so many things we can do with our time that is way more wholesome than doom scrolling.  Get creative, reignite that deep satisfaction you get from extracting ideas from your head into something tangible.

Really, there are endless ways to set boundaries, but to solidify the necessity of disconnecting from our devices we must start to really tune into the addictive nature of social media, which is what most of us spend our time on when using our phones or computer, especially when running an online business.  Notice how your mind wanders to scrolling through your phone even without the device in your hand - how pervasive it has become in our psyche & how much that detracts from meaningful aspects of our lives.  If we are scrolling unconsciously, or thinking about scrolling, we are not channeling our endless potential towards our dreams or manifesting higher aspects of consciousness.

A reminder: we are complicated big brained apes who still can't figure out what we're doing here, so external influences are going to impact our internal world, especially when they have become a large portion of our identity.  Don't let this fantasy world fragment your human nature.  Disconnect in order to reconnect ♾️