How do I know what size to purchase?

Our first batch (Feb 2021) runs small.  We recommend measuring your body as per our size chart & ordering a size up if you are in between sizes.  If you wear an 8-10 in pants, order a size 10 in undies for comfort.

When are you going to make your sizes more inclusive?

We endeavour to increase our sizing to be more inclusive by mid 2021.

What other styles & products are going to be available?

We have bralettes, crop tops & bodysuits in the works & will hopefully be releasing those by April 2021.  We'll also include cheeky cut style undies in a future drop.

Is hemp a scratchy material?

bohjo uses a hemp x organic cotton stretch fabric blend that is durable, soft to touch & lightweight, making it perfect for underwear. 

Is hemp better than bamboo?

It really depends on what we value in our clothing purchases. bohjo is focussed on the entire process, from raw fibre to final product.  While bamboo is a softer, silkier material, if it is produced via the toxic viscose process & not the more expensive lyocell process, it uses large amounts of chemicals & water to process it from raw fibre to fabric.  Bamboo isn't as durable as hemp & tends to sag after many wears, whereas hemp has some of the longest, strongest natural fibres that wear in over time, becoming softer while still holding it's strength. 

Hemp also doesn't require any pesticides or herbicides, uses far less water than bamboo & is a carbon negative crop as it removes CO2 from the atmosphere while renewing the soil it's grown in.

When considering ethical clothing, consider the whole process, not just the aesthetics.